Concert October 5, 2014 sv. Kříž


Petra Froese - soprano

Štefan Margita - tenor

Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra

Marek Štilec - conductor

Cycling in the footsteps of Gustav Mahler June 15,2014

Concert June 18, 2014


Jiří Bárta - cello

Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava

Oliver Dohnányi - conductor

Concert May 31, 2011

Prohlédnout The Music of Thousands festival in Jihlava continued by the concert of Siempre Nuevo Guitar Duo. Before the performance of the guitarists two students from Jihlava Music School (Marie and Terezie Charváts) gave a short performance. The concert took place at the Gothic hall of Jihlava townhall.

Concert May 24, 2011

Prohlédnout Ensemble Variabile (Italy) had very successful performance at the Gothic hall of Jihlava townhall.

Concert May 21, 2011

Prohlédnout Young Brass Bands from Music Schools Humpolec and Dačice together with majorettes from Třebíč have performed in Kaliště near Humpolec.

Concert May 17, 2011

Prohlédnout Opening open air concert of the Big Brass Bands from Humpolec and Dačice on the main Jihlava´s square. The festival Music of Thousands – Mahler- Jihlava 2011 has begun.

Gustav Mahler´s grave

Prohlédnout The representatives of Gustav Mahler Society Czech republic, the politicians and other visitors from the Czech Republic are visiting Gustav Mahler grave at Grinzing – Vienna.


Prohlédnout Open air concert from Kaliste near Humpolec – Anne Sofie von Otter, Thomas Hampson, Mahler Chamber Orchestra and conductor Manfred Honeck.


Prohlédnout Reconstruction of a concert in Jihlava in 1875 by Prague Castle Guard and Czech Police Band.

Thomas Hampson recital

Prohlédnout An unique recital of Thomas Hampson with pianist Wolfram Rieger in Gustav Mahler birthhouse.

The rose variety Gustav Mahler

Prohlédnout During 7.7. 2010 was planted new variety of rose Gustav Mahler. It was grown by Ing. Urban from Zelesice.

Mahler Jubilee Celebration in Kaliště

Prohlédnout 150 years anniversary of birth of Gustav Mahler, borned in Kaliště near Humpolec.

Gustav Mahler´s statue

Prohlédnout The statue of Gustav Mahler in Jihlava was officialy showed 7. 7. 2010. The ceremony joined President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus.

Concert 17.6. 2010

Prohlédnout Renaissance proverbs from Jihlava Town Hall in Music performed by Vocal Ensemble Octopus with Petr Daněk.

Concert 14.6. 2010

Prohlédnout Vysočina Chamber Orchestra, Joint Vysočina Choirs, conductor Jiří Jakeš.

International Festival of Cymbalom Groups 12. 6. 2010

Prohlédnout The International Festival of Cymbalom Groups in Vineyard Sádek.

Concert 10.6. 2010

Prohlédnout Smetana, Dvořák, Bartók and Enescu played by Martina Bačová and Alexandr Starý.

Concert 7.6. 2010

Prohlédnout Kubín Quartett and pianist Michal Bárta played Mahler´s Piano Quartett.

Pocta Gustavu Mahlerovi 5. 6. 2010

Prohlédnout International Meeting of Students Brass Bands in Kaliště near Humpolec.

Koncert 3. 6. 2010

Prohlédnout Gregorian chant by Schola gregoriana Pragensis.

Concert 27. 5. 2010

Prohlédnout Eva Garajová, Lars Grünwoldt and Luxembourg Sinfonietta with conductor Marcel Wengler

Concert 25.5.2010

Prohlédnout The Opening of the Springs by Choir Association Campanula Jihlava with conductor Pavel Jirak

Concert 20. 5. 2010

Prohlédnout Prague Symphony Orchestra with the conductor Zdeněk Mácal performed Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 1.

Opening day 18. 5. 2010

Prohlédnout Gala opening of the music festival Mahler Jihlava – The Music of Thousands 2010

Jihlava full of Mahler

Prohlédnout During the music festival Mahler Jihlava – The Music of Thousands 2010 the city of Jihlava is full of Gustav Mahler