Gustav Mahler Festival
The ‘Gustav Mahler’ Rose Variety

The ‘Gustav Mahler’ Rose Variety

A new rose variety has been bred and named the ‘Gustav Mahler’ to mark this year’s Gustav Mahler jubilee. It is the result of many years’ work by the rose breeder Ing. Josef Urban of the Zahradnictví URBAN at Želešice near Brno. Zahradnictví URBAN is a classic family business, focusing on the production of fruit trees, roses and garden flowers. Its success rests on the work of ancestors of the present owners. The name Josef Urban is well known to rose experts, since its holder is one of our leading rose breeders who has produced many well known and beautiful roses, e.g. Lidka, Josef Klimeš, Jitka and others. The new rose, Gustav Mahler, continues the tradition. All roses, garden flowers and fruit trees are grown in the fields around Želešice and Hajany near Brno, under the supervision of State Phytosanitary Administration and Central Agricultural Control and Testing Institute which exercise control over the health and genuineness of the varieties.
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Vydáno: 11. 05. 2010